Strategic Plan

The Manitoba Lacrosse Association has developed three key strategic priorities for 2015-19.

First Strategic Priority

Increase participation of grassroots athletes with qualified coaches, officials, and volunteers.

It is the MLA’s belief that qualified coaches, officials, and volunteers are the foundation of a player’s experience and play a pivotal role in player development. By increasing the competency, not just the qualifications, of these three groups, the MLA can provide a more positive player experience that promotes personal athletic and emotional growth.

Second Strategic Priority

Technical Leadership- Coaching: Improve the lacrosse experience through coaching in all disciplines.

This strategic priority is based off the first one, and deserves a specific focus as coaching affects players in the most direct fashion. The MLA seeks to improve coaching certification and competency through clinics and mentorship programs across the province, as well as provide coaches with a substantial number of resources from other programs across the country. By  improving our coaches, we can improve player experience, athletic growth, and emotional growth of our players. By doing this we believe we can develop not only successful lacrosse players but also develop successful men and women in our society.

Third Strategic Priority

Reduce the turnover and dropout rate by ten percent.

Our third and last strategic priority is a broad, yet important goal for our organization. Reducing the turnover rate and dropout rate allows us to grow our membership and offer more support and assistance to our member associations, individual clubs, and individual players. Furthermore, the game of lacrosse provides many unique opportunities to individuals both inside and outside the province of Manitoba. It is our goal to provide and expose these benefits to as many individuals as possible. Lastly, it is our belief that a strong organization and community is built by individuals who participate for life, in any capacity, in the game of lacrosse.