Respect in Sport

Activity Leader/Coach Program

Respect Group has created critical abuse prevention education with the Respect in Sport Activity Leader Program. This easy to use online training enables sport and community organizations to create a safer, more ethical environment by providing essential information to each organization’s critical stakeholders.

Respect in Sport’s 2.5 hour highly engaging online training is for Activity Leaders of all levels: recreational, competitive, and elite, with the intention of:

  • Empowering and educating youth leaders and coaches on the prevention of abuse, bullying and harassment
  • Building a holistic culture of respect within the sport community
  • Providing fundamental training tools which enable all coaches and youth leaders to become better role models for the young athletes in their care



Using Positive Power
Using Positive Emotions
Preventing Bullying and Harassment
Reporting Bullying and Harassment
Preventing Abuse and Neglect
Reporting Abuse and Neglect

The innovative and proven instructional design techniques provide:

  • An online training experience that is simple, to the point, and captivating for the learner.
  • Full database capabilities for user access, as well as certification
  • Fully accessible for all users regardless of location or internet connection speed
  • A training experience that takes less than half the time of traditional in class training
  • Availability at the user’s convenience
  • A consistent, up to date message on behalf of the host sport organization