Prestige Lacrosse

The Manitoba Lacrosse Association’s High-Performance Program


The Prestige Program will seek to develop athletes in both Box Lacrosse and Men’s Field, this is a combined sector program focused on developing high-level lacrosse players.

Primary Program Goals

  • To transition players to play high-level box lacrosse (ie. Junior A), CUFLA, and/or NCAA.
  • Develop high-performance lacrosse athletes that can transition into Team Manitoba Programs.
  • Coach Mentorship, specifically Team Manitoba Coaches

Program Outline

Age Group: 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17

Nine-month lacrosse program that combines three separate but interrelated parts:

  1. On-The-Field Program (January-October)
    • Combined Box and Field Program focused on developing specific individual positional skills and individual tactics.
    • The program will also focus on team tactics and team strategies that are employed in both box and field lacrosse.
  2. Strength and Conditioning Program (January-March)
    • A program focused on developing correct exercise technique, increasing strength and power, improve physical conditioning through sport specific exercises, progress movement capabilities, and enhance speed and acceleration.
  3. Classroom Program (January-October)
    • A program focused on Sports Nutrition, Sports Psychology, Strength and Conditioning, and individual life skills.