2017 Winnipeg Coaching Clinics Added

Coaching clinics within Winnipeg have been booked for the upcoming 2017 Season. All coaches who plan to be on the bench need to have attended a coaching clinic. For additional information on the minimum requirements, please see our Minimum Standards Page.

So far, we have planned four coaching clinics and have added a Competitive Introduction Field Clinic for the 2017 Season. All clinics will take place at Glenwood Community Centre. See the list below:

Community Development (Box Lacrosse) – April 8, 2017

Competitive Introduction (Box Lacrosse) –  April 15th-16th, 2017

Community Development (Men’s Field Lacrosse) – April 23, 2017

Competitive Introduction (Men’s Field Lacrosse) –  April 29th-30th, 2017

Visit http://nccp.lacrosse.ca/ to sign up today!

If your club/association would like additional clinics provided, please submit a coaching-clinic-request-form to the MLA Office.

Manitoba Lacrosse Enrolment Lags Compared To Other Provinces

By: Metro Published on Tue Jan 10 2017

“[L]acrosse isn’t generally a part of physical education curriculums, so kids don’t have the same exposure to the sport as they do volleyball or basketball.

“We’re just not as visible,” Jolly said.


But the MLA wants to stop the bleeding, correct course, and expose more kids to what Jolly calls the most “creative” game they’ll play.

To that end, the association and the Red River Lacrosse Association are providing totally free clinics to introduce new players to lacrosse—they just have to show up with gym clothes, a helmet and gloves (the hockey variety kicking around most basements or available cheap secondhand will do).

Dallas Smith, the MLA’s Executive Director, said the plan builds on the successful “discover lacrosse” clinics that have run in the city’s south end for years. Now, it’s available to the rest of Winnipeg.

“What we want to happen, ideally, is to build up our base of tyke, mini-tyke and novice players which has been fading most over the past five years or so,” he said.

Once they get involved, it’s often a case that new players are hooked.”

Read the entire article here.

Click here for more information on Discover Lacrosse and Bi-Lateral Development.