Lacrosse in School


The Manitoba Lacrosse Association is ecstatic about the launch of “Lacrosse in School, Lacrosse in Life” for the upcoming 2016-2017 school year. The program will allow students of various age groups to experience the fast paced and exhilarating game of lacrosse in an intimate, interactive, and educational atmosphere.

The program will introduce students to the game of lacrosse while emphasizing physical literacy and healthy lifestyles. Furthermore, the instructors will highlight the importance of positive goal setting, decision-making, and reciprocity.

Each session takes approximately an hour, or one class period. During this time, the instructor will begin with a brief history of lacrosse, immediately followed by a quick explanation of the lacrosse stick. From there, the instructor will explain each of the five key fundamental skills with active drills and games spliced between the instruction. The session will finish with a brief game of lacrosse followed by a brief conversation on a healthy lifestyle, goal setting, positive decision-making, and reciprocity.


Along with a lacrosse skills demonstration and trick routine, instructors will cover a variety of topics including team work, community, healthy lifestyle choices, and goal setting.

Gym Class Participation

Students will have hands on instruction while practicing lacrosse skills such as scooping, cradling, catching, shooting, and stick tricks. Lacrosse sticks and balls will be provided.

Additional Information

Maximum thirty-two students per gym session. Program is designed for students from kindergarten to grade twelve.


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