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Women’s lacrosse is played with a team of 12 players, including the goalkeeper during usual play. Generally, a team has four attackers, four close defenders, three midfielders, and a goalie.

“Lacrosse, as women play it, is an orderly pastime that has little in common with the men’s tribal warfare version except for the long-handled racket or crosse (stick) that gives the sport its name. It’s true that the object in both the men’s and women’s lacrosse is to send a ball through a goal by means of the racket, but whereas men resort to brute strength the women depend solely on skill.” -Rosabelle Sinclair

The rules of women’s lacrosse are different from the men’s lacrosse game. Equipment required to play is also different from the men’s. Internationally, women are only required to wear a mouth guard and have the option to play without protective goggles. The stick has restrictions too, as it must be a certain length and the pocket must be shallow enough to show the ball when held at eye level.