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Honour Our Game Sticker Campaign

The Canadian Lacrosse Association’s Indigenous Development Committee (IDC) has created the slogan of “Honour Our Game,” along with the image below to provide a positive campaign for our sport of lacrosse.

Honour Our Game.jpgThe image has four crucial components: First and foremost, the slogan of “Honour Our Game,” which promotes respect, reverence, and veneration to the game of lacrosse. The second element is the Canadian Lacrosse Association (CLA) logo that honors modern-day lacrosse and the CLA’s continued governance across Canada. The third component of the image is the Eagle Feathers, which acknowledges lacrosse’s Indigenous roots. Moreover, the feathers signify strength, power, and respect, all of which are crucial elements to the game of lacrosse. Lastly, the double- ringed circle elicits the principles of community, fraternity, and equality, as well the conglomeration of past, present, and future by encapsulating lacrosse’s indigenous roots. This is the CLA’s and the IDC’s vision for the future of lacrosse.

The IDC would like to acknowledge the Canadian Lacrosse Foundation (CLF) for their continuing support of the IDC and their generous support in the funding of this project.

The distribution of the CSA approved helmet stickers will be nationwide for all lacrosse participants.

The Manitoba Lacrosse Association is excited to participate in this campaign and provide stickers to all our members!

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