2017 Winnipeg Coaching Clinics Added

Coaching clinics within Winnipeg have been booked for the upcoming 2017 Season. All coaches who plan to be on the bench need to have attended a coaching clinic. For additional information on the minimum requirements, please see our Minimum Standards Page.

So far, we have planned four coaching clinics and have added a Competitive Introduction Field Clinic for the 2017 Season. All clinics will take place at Glenwood Community Centre. See the list below:

Community Development (Box Lacrosse) – April 8, 2017

Competitive Introduction (Box Lacrosse) –  April 15th-16th, 2017

Community Development (Men’s Field Lacrosse) – April 23, 2017

Competitive Introduction (Men’s Field Lacrosse) –  April 29th-30th, 2017

Visit http://nccp.lacrosse.ca/ to sign up today!

If your club/association would like additional clinics provided, please submit a coaching-clinic-request-form to the MLA Office.

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